Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nevada trip! part 2

 Uncle Bobby and Gabby!
 We went camping in Yerington with the whole family. And there was a river that we played in.
 Then we got crawdads down by the river. Then we cooked them up.
 Grandma and Grandpa Sanchez rented the Shurz pool for the day!
 Chloe jumping off the diving board.
 Macie too.
 All the ladies sitting by the pool.
 The boys playing football.
 Us holding on the diving board!

Then on Sunday we went to the Branch. After we took family pics!! It was a very fun trip to Nevada!!

Trip to Nevada!! Part 1

 Mathew and Tate in the Cowboy outfits!
 We went to our Uncle Gary`s House for 3 days!
 Then we stayed in a really nice home by lake Tahoe in California.
 The men cooking dinner.
 The  ladies cooking also.
 Then the next day we went to the beach! Uncle Gary brought his boat!
 My mom water skiing!
 My dad too!
 Then we went on a really really hard hike!!
 While we were hiking we could see the lake!
Cute little Ryan! In his swimming suit!

 Chloe berried in the sand!
Jayben riding some type of board.
     We also went to take family pics. It was a very fun week in Lake Tahoe!

Girls Camp in Beaver Mountain!

 The Midnight Sun Tent!

 We went to the Minnatonka Cave!
 We went on a Hike!
 Saw cute chipmunks!
 On the last day we went to Bear Lake! There`s  Liz!
Katelyn and I !! <3
    I was a very fun Girls Camp can`t was for next year!

4 th of July!

 I made American Flag Cupcakes. Yum!
 Firework show!

Lewiston parade! It was a really fun day.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


 Cortez and Korenna!
 Macie down the slide!
 We went to the pool with them!

 The cutest baby in the world! Benny! <3
 We went to the Provo Temple!
Chloe and Toots!
 It was so much fun to have them come! Miss them already.